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Protect, Delay, Store, Release

Type and Scale

Open Ideas Competition, Urban design and Canal rejuvenation proposal covering an existing urban area of approximately 3 sq km


Urban design vision, Strategic development planning and policy, Resilient Landscape planning principles


Praveen raj, Sourav kumar biswas, Balaji Balaganesan, Logeshwaran RS, Suriya KP


CMDA and Deutsche Gesellenschaft fur Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GiZ)

Anchor 1

Chennai began its urban growth trajectory at the mouth of the Cooum River. Today, the city rapidly expands beyond Adyar River into marshes, farmlands, and forests - indiscriminately turning a largely wet and permeable landscape into concrete. As rivers, canals, and other hydrological networks are disrupted, Chennai has become a low-lying city that is unprepared to face the regular stresses of the monsoons and unprecedented shocks from extreme rainfall or cloudbursts. The city faces multiple water-related risks — from flooding to sea level rise to aquifer depletion. Yet, the urban typologies and planning paradigms of the city are indifferent to the region’s ecological realities and challenges. 


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