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EnteKochi competition

Revitalisation of the Mullassery canal precinct - Strategic Development Vision
Open Competition - 1st place winners

Kochi, India




Project Area

The Mullassery canal precinct running for a length of approximately 1km from the backwaters to the west to the KSRTC bus terminus to the east.


Type and Scale

Open Ideas Competition, Urban design proposal covering an existing urban area of approximately 0.5 sq km


Urban design vision, Strategic development planning and policy, Preliminary policy framework for implementation, Toolkit typologies


Praveen raj, Manushi Jain, Sourav kumar biswas, Shreya krishnan, Sujatha Arulkumar, Balaji Balaganesan, Pankti Sanganee, Aditi Subramaniam, Suriya KP



Kochi Municipal Corporation and Deutsche Gesellenschaft fur Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GiZ)

Anchor 1

Our project proposal leverages Kochi’s natural assets, monsoon culture, and social capital to put forward an integrated development vision that seeks to make the city more resilient, vibrant, and inclusive.
We have created a comprehensive toolkit of strategies: ADAPT, CONNECT, EMPOWER, which are scalable, multisectoral in approach and can be customised to meet local needs. ADAPT catalogs Nature Based Solutions (NBS) strategies that leverage the landscape to re-establish the linkages between urban greenery, monsoons, water bodies and the aquifer. CONNECT describes a redesign of the public realm and mobility systems to improve access to transit, lively places, and safe spaces. EMPOWER outlines how citizens can participate in the improvement of their neighbourhoods and build inclusive communities by facilitating the formation of social networks.

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