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Reimagining Podgorica

Reimagining Moraca River as a catalyst for Podgorica’s Transformation

Podgorica, Montenegro




Project Area

Moraca river and precinct in the city of Podgorica


Type and Scale

Open Ideas Competition, Urban design, River rejuvenation proposal


Rejuvenation Framework, Strategic goals and activation catalogue, River edge Masterplan, Catalytic urban development projects, Strategies for Public realm upgrading, Circular economy and Implementation.


Praveen raj, Manushi Jain, Balaji Balaganesan, Sujatha Arulkumar, TR Radhakrishnan

RAD office, Missing picture ( visualisation )



The Capital city Podgorica, Montenegro

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Throughout history, the city of Podgorica has been at the crossroads of important routes, civilizations and cultures. This holds true even today where Podgorica’s strategic location makes it an important economic hub in the Balkan region. The city has been in flux over the past decade and on the verge of growing into a modern-day metropolis that strives to be an attractive destination for tourists, businesses, education, research and foreign direct investments.The Morača River is central to the unique geographical identity of Montenegro and the city of Podgorica in particular. Undoubtedly, Morača is the greatest asset to the city, having a significant influence on its culture, economy, and urban form. Our vision recognizes the natural charm and wilderness of the river while identifying sites that trigger the potential of Podgorica as a cultural, economic, and sustainable capital city.

Podgorica’s relationship with Morača River is substantial and it is apparent in the way the urban fabric has evolved over the years. The river cuts through the heart of the urban core, and a majority of the public and private institutions, cultural landmarks and historic neighborhoods have a direct presence on the river edge. The river is central to the identity of the city and interventions of any scale on the river edge will have a direct influence on the dynamics of the city. Hence, we envision a strategic rejuvenation framework for the Morača River that goes beyond enhancing the immediate river edge and to catalyze positive transformations that the city strives for.

The Framework prescribes a ‘Catalogue of Actions’ for each of the strategic goals that are to be implemented by the city and the various stakeholders in order to achieve a goal. Further, the framework identifies a catalytic urban project under each of the strategic goals. The catalytic projects are significant investments to accelerate the rejuvenation framework and at the same time help propel the strategic goals beyond the river edges to stimulate the transformation of Podgorica. Following the rejuvenation of the river, the strategic goals can be scaled up to a city wide framework that will transform Podgorica into an innovative hub, cultural center, and a sustainable city.

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